21 December 2017

The English Garden Pre-school and Nursery was buzzing with excitement this month, the children had lots of special events, as we celebrated diverse winter holidays and festivals. In the beginning of December the children awaited Santa's visit, and prepared for our annual Christmas Show. In the Pre-school the children were busy learning their roles, songs, poems, and rhymes and making gifts for their families. In the Nursery the babies and toddlers made lovely handmade gifts and cards, and the youngest children and their families enjoyed a low-key Christmas celebration. The winter holiday season is always a joyous time at the English Garden Pre-school and Nursery, filled with magic and wonder. We invite the children and their families to celebrate with us, share their unique traditions, and join the English Garden community during this season of love and giving.

The Grasshoppers Year 1 performed The Wizard of Oz. This abridged version is especially suited to the skills of emerging readers and English language learners. The Grasshoppers learned their parts, with each child working hard to do their very best job. The children loved working on the dance choreography for the show and helping their teachers do the staging. Allowing the children to have control over aspects of the show encouraged their participation and gave them a deep sense of accomplishment. Many of the children in the Grasshoppers group also participated in the Hungarian show. This was an exciting chance for both native Hungarian and Hungarian learners to highlight their language skills.

After the Circkets Class performed the traditional story of The Enormous Turnip in a modern version where all the kids got to choose to be a Superhero, the class paid a visit to the Fairy Tale Museum. The children had a journey through the rooms like the heroes in the fairy tales. To get through the thick, dark forest, they needed some courage and their wits around them. Of course the Crickets overcame the challenges, and made it all the way to the Royal Throne.

The Beetles enjoyed learning about Hanukah, the Jewish festival of lights. They listened to a story read aloud and watched short, informative videos about the holiday. The Year 2 students reinforced their learning through a fun arts and crafts project making menorahs out of different colours and textures of paper. This traditional eight-lighted lamp is lit during Hanukah and is one of the most distinctive symbols of the holiday.

The Bumble Bees class worked hard on their show, a short, charming play about Santa’s Cookie Problem. The children loved dressing up in their costumes and singing in front of a parent audience. They all did an excellent job, and the successful show gave the children a wonderful boost of confidence and self-esteem. Working together and presenting the result of all the hard work to their families gave the children a feeling of accomplishment and they were eager to share the experience with their families.

The Dragonflies class went on the trip to the Christmas Market at Vörösmarty Tér. This bustling Christmas Market features a range of arts and crafts handmade by local artisans. The children explored the different handicrafts as part of their theme on materials and how things are made. The children loved the trip and were able to see many crafts being made on the spot. They had the chance to watch blacksmiths forge horseshoes at a real bellows in the middle of the square, see a woman use a loom to weave a scarf, and see a printing press.

The Butterflies had a fantastic dance show, and the children looked lovely in their costumes. The dance show was choreographed by Miss Zita, the dance specialist, and she encouraged each child to show their talent and creativity through dance. The Butterflies loved performing their dance and, and were confident in their movements.

This year, on 6th of December Santa came to English Garden again! Santa gave a few nice word to the children, and also gave some advice in their studies. Obviously, every student got a surprise pack from Santa's bag since this is a kindergarten that is full of good children. The Ladybirds children in the Pre-school did a great job singing and dancing in front of Santa. We can't wait for you to come next year Dear Santa!

The Buttercups and Snowdrops decorated their classrooms, making Christmas Trees, Stockings and Bells to hang on their classroom walls. The paper trees, stockings and bells were carefully finger painted and glitter was added, before the teacher laminated them to make them sturdy enough to last the whole month of December. The dazzling Christmas trees,Stockings and Bells shine and sparkle in the classes and the children are proud to point out which ones they made. Helping to decorate the class makes the children proud of their accomplishments and helps build community and improve behaviours like co-operation and respecting the classroom resources.

Poppies after baking and decorating their gingerbread man biscuits, also had the chance to get engaged in a gingerbread man shape craft which was a great way for toddlers to learn shapes and colors, develop fine motor skills and more!

In the Daycare the Daises and Bluebells' families were invited for a Christmas celebration, rather than a performance. At this age the children are not able to participate in a show in front of an audience, but they did enjoy having a special Circle Time with their families. Parents and other loved ones were encouraged to join the children and their teachers in songs, games, and rhymes. This event gave parents a glimpse into the daily Circle Time routine and helped make connections between home and school.