23 June 2017

The last week at the English Garden Pre-school and Nursery was full of fun as the children showcased their talents at several end of the year shows and demonstrations. The academic year has ended at the English Garden Pre-school and Nursery and next week will be the start of our eight-week Summer School Programme. The Summer School Programme offers an English-language summer camp experience for children aged 20 weeks to 10 years. The children will enjoy water play, trips and neighbourhood excursions, arts and crafts, and drama. The Summer School Programme is a great experience for young children and provides an enriching, lively summer pre-school programme.

The children who are four and older began their two-week intensive swimming programme at FTC Sporttelep in nearby Nep Liget park. The FTC Sport Centre has pre-school swimming lessons and a specially equipped child-sized pool, making it ideal for young swimmers. Many children attended their first swimming lessons this week. The children are learning basic water safety and the skills necessary to keep themselves upright in water and move their bodies with safety and ease. They are developing their confidence in the water The wonderful swimming instructors at the FTC Sport Centre have done an excellent job putting these little swimmers at ease with their playful classes.

In the Baby Daycare the Buttercups beat the heat with an outdoor sensory play obstacle course. They moved through different centres, playing with water and sand and using balancing equipment. The sensory play experience encouraged them to move their bodies in unique ways and developed their fine and gross motor skills.

The Daisies also enjoyed outdoor play, using the garden toys to explore and develop their sensory and motor skills. They also experimented with outdoor art projects.

In the Nursery the children were excited to try the newly installed climbing wall. As the weather heats up the children in the Nursery groups are enjoying their 9am garden time, which allows them plenty of time to play before the sun gets hot and high.

The children in the Snowdrops especially like using the motorbikes.

The Bluebells love exploring the climbing frame and learning how to move with confidence and self-control.

The Poppies are learning how to throw and share balls during outdoor play.

This week the children completed their extra-curricular activities, and there were many performances to highlight the childrenís achievements. Parents, family members, and friends were invited to watch the children perform a piano recital, a musical theatre show, and a ballet demonstration. These optional extra-curricular activities are very popular and help round out childrenís experiences and learning, offering a chance to develop childrenís unique talents in a fun and structured setting.

The football demonstration was a wonderful opportunity for the boys and girls to show their football skills. The children used the large garden for their final lesson. Toddler and pre-school football is a great way for young children to develop their gross motor and social skills in tandem. The English Garden Pre-school offers year round indoor football sessions for children aged 3 to 7. These classes emphasize basic football and movement skills while developing childrenís social skills and self-esteem.

The piano recital was a wonderful chance for the children to show their families what they have learned in the piano lessons. The music lessons are offered for children aged 4 and up. The weekly sessions provide an introduction to technique and simple music theory. The children learn to play at their own pace in individual lessons. There are many documented benefits to music lessons, including improved cognitive and physical skills and enhanced creativity.

The musical theatre show was a fun performance of the short play Jack and the Beanstalk. The children sang, danced, and remembered their lines with only a little support from their teachers. The musical theatre class is taught by wonderful specialist teachers from the company Drama Works, which offers English-language drama classes in Budapest. These sessions are a great way to further develop childrenís English language skills and help them develop confidence and self-esteem.

The little ballerinas loved dancing in front of a parent audience during the ballet demonstration. Like other performing arts ballet develops childrenís self-esteem, confidence, and physical skills. Ballet also helps to build discipline and self-control. The children in the ballet class loved wearing special costumes and showing their families and friends what they learned during the year.

At the English Garden Pre-school and Nursery the last day of the school year is always celebrated with a Teddy Bearís Picnic. The children from the Pre-school and Nursery had a wonderful time during the Teddy Bearís Picnic. Each child had their own cuddly teddy to hold and snuggle. The children enjoyed eating their special snack outdoors on picnic blankets and playing games with their teddies and other cuddly toys. It was a special way to say goodbye to those children and families who are leaving the English Garden community and mark the end of another fabulous school year.