09 June 2017

Friday was our fantastic End of Year Party and Fashion Show. This is an opportunity for English Garden families and friends to join the children for a final celebration as the academic year ends. School-wide events like this are an important part of cultivating a sense of community and including children’s families in the life of the pre-school community. The End of Year Party is also a time to reflect on the children’s growth throughout the year, celebrate their achievements, and give each child a moment to be the star of the show.

The children at the Nursery and Pre-school worked alongside their teachers to create their own costumes, and were able to explore techniques like sewing, painting, and collage. This year the children also performed in our annual Battle of the Bands, singing songs that ranged from traditional nursery rhymes to classic rock and pop hits. The children heartily enjoyed preparing for their big day, performing with excitement and confidence.

The Butterflies used the left over scraps of fabric from their costumes to make collages. These wonderful crafts were fun and easy to make. The children cut out bits of fabric and stuck them onto paper to make shapes, animals, or other pictures.

The Grasshoppers class learned about recycling. They enjoyed a special presentation about recycling and were eager to help sort materials to be recycled. They also used lots of recycled materials for their Fashion Show costumes, using old fabric, cardboard, and even some household objects. They loved re-purposing the materials and working with their teachers to design and make their unique costumes.

The Dragonflies worked hard all week, painting, cutting, and sticking parts of their costumes. The children were encouraged to talk about their costumes and they thought up some truly amazing ideas. The children were able to work alongside the teachers, sharing their ideas and learning about the processes involved in making their costumes.

The Beetles were very independent, designing their costumes and then selecting the materials on their own. The students drew some different designs to help them imagine their costumes. Their drawings served as templates and the Year 2 students worked with their teachers to being their ideas to life. The children were really proud of their finished costumes and were delighted to see the projects come to life.

In the Nursery, the children were excited to perform in the End of Year Show. They spent the week making their costumes just right. The youngest children have made enormous progress, and most of the children walked on the catwalk with confidence, showing off their creations. The Nursery children were also very enthusiastic about singing in the Battle of the Bands and were able to follow along with their teacher and show the actions.

The Snowdrops painted and stuck material to make their costumes.

The Buttercups learned about recycling as part of their thematic learning. They sorted materials and made sculptures from different recycled materials like boxes and toilet rolls.

The Poppies loved working on their costumes with their classmates.

In the Bumble Bees class the Reception students worked with their teachers to come up with costume ideas and make unique pieces. The Bumble Bees especially enjoyed making crowns, masks and other headpieces. Their fine motor control and hand skills have improved immensely during the year and many of the children were able to make parts of their costumes independently.

The children in the Baby Daycare enjoyed talking about the Fashion Show and choosing what they would be. They painted patterns and decorations onto their costumes and were thrilled to wear their creations in front of the parent audience. The children also painted as part of their weekly sensory play activity. They squished and patted the paint, moving it with their hands and delighting in the sensations.

In the Daisies the youngest babies looked fantastic in their push chair costumes.

The older babies and toddlers in the Bluebells loved walking on the catwalk with their teachers.