12 May 2017

Today was our annual Motherís Day Show, a special time when the English Garden community comes together to celebrate mums and the other wonderful caregivers who raise, nurture, and support the children. All throughout the week, the children eagerly prepared gifts and rehearsed dancing, singing and acting. The day was very busy and a great success, with plenty of sweet surprises for everyone.

In the Baby Daycare Bluebells group loved practicing for their show. They love to explore fun and stimulating music and movement activities. They handled props and listened to familiar songs, with some of the older babies joining in with the actions during finger plays. The children really enjoyed the opportunity to share their experiences in the Nursery with their mums and other loved ones.

The babies in the Daisies group loved making jars of bath salts, creating lovely patterns and colourful swirls. The children spooned different coloured bath salts into a glass jar, choosing the colours and scents, and creating vibrant visual effects. This activity helped build fine motor skills, and support vocabulary development.

The children in the Nursery School prepared lots of lovely gifts for their mums.

In the Poppies class, the children made many wonderful gifts, but their favourite activity was decorating the bags for their treasures. Each child worked one-on-one with a teacher to decorate their bag and fill it with thoughtful handmade gifts.

The Buttercups made big yellow suns as props for their performance. The children talked about the different things their mums do for them and the teacher wrote it down for them on their sun.

The children in the Snowdrops group loved signing for their families. The colorful props, including a big bus, helped them remember their songs and actions and added excitement to the day.

Over in the Pre-school the children were busy preparing for their shows. The older children perform a short play or show for a parent audience, developing confidence, language skills and self-esteem. The children love sharing their pre-school experiences with their families. This is a great time to build home-school connections and support childrenís learning and development.

The Year One students wrote heartfelt greetings for their Motherís Day cards. The Grasshoppersí students have been polishing their composition skills, and they were able to draw on all of their writing and phonics knowledge while composing their cards. Each child thought about the special things they do with their mother and wrote down their ideas independently. They revised their work with a teacher and wrote a final version with conventional spelling and punctuation, working hard to use neat and legible handwriting.

The Dragonflies were hard at work practicing for their Motherís Day shows. The children focused on their dance routines, practicing several times during the week to gain confidence and familiarity with the movements. On Friday, the Dragonflies performed with enthusiasm and energy, proving that practice really does make perfect.

The Beetles enjoyed rehearsing for their play The Enormous Turnip. The Year Two students were joined by some of their friend s in the Grasshoppers class to perform this fun folk-tale inspired play. The Beetles worked on story sequencing and independent reading during the language lessons in the week leading up to the Motherís Day Show, using the story The Enormous Turnip to make cross-curricular links.

The Butterflies made cards for their mums using their handprints. Some of the children were able to trace or copy the words inside the card, while the teacher helped others to create their message. Writing cards is a wonderful way to reinforce the relationship between spoken and written language, an important concept for developing pre-literacy skills.

In the Reception class the Bumble Bees performed a unique play. The children dressed up as Smurfs and set out to find their Smurf Mama. Singing lots of familiar songs, some with a special Motherís Day twist, highlighted the Reception classís excellent English language development. The children were proud to say their lines and sing out loud.