28 April 2017

It was an exciting week at The English Garden Pre-school and Nursery with the opening of the new Nursery School building. The Nursery School is adjacent to the Pre-school building and the two locations are designed so that the garden can be shared. The English Garden Nursery School serves children aged 18 months to 3 years. Younger children enjoy an educational childcare programme at the Baby Daycare, which serves infants from 20 weeks of age.

In the Grasshoppers the children made spring art projects this week. The Year 1 class used a water bottle to print flowers on paper, and then each child decorated their picture to make a blossoming spring tree or flowers.

The Dragonflies children developed their motor and communication skills through sensory play in the sandpit this week. The children were able to handle wet and dry sand and observe the changes sand undergoes when it is wet or dry. They used buckets, shovels and molds to make sand castles, cakes, and other objects they incorporated into imaginative play. The children worked together to make a cake shop and act out different scenarios together, deepening their understanding of the world around them.

The children in the English Garden Nursery have been exploring the newly opened Nursery School building.

The children in the Buttercups explored different role play and small world play activities to enrich their understanding of the world around them and develop their language skills. The children liked using the doctor’s kit to act out different scenarios together.

As the weather warms up the children will be able to enjoy many routine activities outdoors. The Bluebells ate their snack outside at the picnic tables. Eating outside provided an opportunity to learn about the weather, observe animals and plants, and build co-operation skills through sharing space and snacks with classmates.

The Poppies loved playing with the tool kits at the workshop in the role play corner. The children tried on hard hats and used plastic tools to hammer and screw in toy nails. They were encouraged to build using different materials in the classroom and to learn new vocabulary while describing their play.

The Butterflies class explored outdoors. The teachers guided the children’s learning, helping them observe and explore local trees, flowers, and other plants. The children were encouraged to touch the plants when appropriate and to talk about the changes in the trees and other plants as the spring weather continues to warm up.

In the Reception class the children are beginning to read independently. The Bumble Bees have completed the Jolly Phonics scheme and are now developing the skills they need to decode short texts. The children are eager to become independent readers and are proud of their progress. This is an exciting first step towards greater independence and a wonderful part of each child’s development as they begin to experience the joys of reading, writing, and storytelling as active participants.

The Beetles class re-told the classic fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk using different media, including collage techniques, drawing, writing, and oral storytelling. They worked together as a group to tell the story, with each child telling part of the tale. Afterwards they made a storyboard to show the beginning, middle, and end of the story and wrote captions for each picture. The Year 2 class also used a range of materials to make a collage showing a scene from the story. These activities helped the children develop their spoken and written English skills.

This week the babies moved into the new English Garden Baby Daycare. The babies loved playing in the new, large garden equipped with baby and toddler toys. The children love climbing, swinging, and riding on tricycles. The larger and small outdoor toys provide a safe, yet challenging physical experience for even the youngest babies to develop motor skills and awareness of the world around them.