03 March 2017

This week the children at English Garden Pre-school and Nursery enjoyed preparing for Friday’s Carnival celebration. Each group explored the Carnival theme in an age-appropriate way, using special themed activities to support the children’s learning and development. On Friday all the children were invited to participate in a Carnival party, and they were encouraged to wear fancy dress. Many families provided snacks for the children to share, and parents and caregivers were invited to join in with some of the morning festivities. The children had an amazing time scaring away winter!

The babies and young toddlers at the English Garden Baby Day-care enjoyed lots of fun Carnival activities. Carnival activities for babies include puppet shows, arts and crafts, and sing-alongs. The children loved moving to music and playing with puppets and other soft toys.

The Nursery groups enjoyed lots of fun Carnival activities. The children especially enjoyed playing with the musical instruments through shaking, banging, jingling and clanging. The toddlers joined along with sing-alongs, and were encouraged to clap and make simple gestures during songs and finger plays. The children especially loved dancing and playing with the large rainbow fabric during their music and movement sessions.

The children in the Butterflies class made some wonderful pre-school Carnival arts and crafts. The children actively learned about Carnival through a hands-on art project. Each child made a mask, cutting out a template and decorating the mask. They developed their social skills through sharing space and resources and explored colour, shape, and texture painting with hands, brushes, and sponges. The children also made a balloon craft to develop their fine motor skills. They stuck balloons onto paper and then made lines for the balloon strings, working on controlling brush strokes when painting. The children were excited to see their work hung up in the classroom to decorate for Friday’s celebration.

The Grasshoppers enjoyed dressing up in the role-play corner during playtime throughout the week. Dramatic play and role-play are vital for the development of good social skills. This kind of interpersonal play gives children the opportunities they need to develop their vocabularies and verbal skills and explore the world around them. The children in the Year 1 class benefit from language-rich play situations where they are free to be imaginative, work together, and strengthen their friendships through talking and listening.

The children in the Dragonflies and Bumble Bees groups made masks for their classroom dance party. Parents were invited to attend this arts and crafts session. Many parents were able to attend, and the children were especially excited to see their families come in for this special day. Carnival is just one of many special events at the English Garden that help us build effective partnerships with parents. Parental involvement in the pre-school is a valuable resource, and the children love when their families are able to take part in special activities.

The children in the Beetles group really love participating in community events. The Year 2 class worked on decorating their classroom and had a week-long learning project about Carnival celebrations around the world. On Friday the children were excited to show their costumes to their classmates and the many parents who came to watch the Year 1 and Year 2 classes walk in a Carnival fashion show.

During their language lessons the Beetles have been working on creating their own non-fiction texts. They are applying their phonics and grammar knowledge to independent writing. The Year 2 class has begun writing longer texts and focusing on crafting five sentence paragraphs. This Carnival writing activity was a great opportunity for them to work on drafting and revising their work as part of the writing process.