27 January 2017

This Friday the English Garden Pre-school and Nursery celebrated International Day. International Day is a wonderful chance to introduce children to the diversity of Earth’s cultures, countries and environments. Throughout the week the children helped decorate their classrooms to represent a continent. They also participated in activities to learn about their countries and those of their classmates, for example making flags, labeling maps of the world, or listening to traditional folk tales during story time. On International Day the children are invited to experience each continent, learning about different cultures, animals, and landmarks through a range of activities. This fun day wouldn’t be complete without the support of all the amazing parent volunteers who sent in traditional snacks from their home countries to contribute to our fabulous international buffet.

As they entered the Pre-school the children were greeted by Ms. Sam at the passport office. Each child received a passport where they could stamp the names of the continents as they entered each classroom. The Butterflies class loved stamping their passports independently. The children loved seeing their photos inside the passports and were delighted to take home their souvenirs at the end of the day.

The children are encouraged to wear traditional dress, sport kits, or clothing in their national colours on this day. The oldest children in the Beetles especially liked describing their clothes and talking about the names of different garments and their significance.

Each classroom had a variety of activities for the children to try. The Butterflies loved making popcorn and posing in front of the Hollywood Walk of Fame in North America. This fun role-play activity was interesting for even the youngest children. They were invited to dress up in costumes and pose, pretending to be movie stars.

The Grasshoppers loved going from room to room and extending their knowledge of the continents through playful learning. In Antarctica they enjoyed building their own model science stations using large cardboard blocks, and playing with coconut and sugar cubes to make igloos. The construction and sensory play activities were a big hit and the children loved seeing the posters and soft toys describing the animals that live in Antarctica.

In the Baby Daycare the babies had a flag parade, waving hand painted paper flags to music and dancing together. The babies enjoyed moving to music and exploring different sensory activities during Circle Time.

The children from the Nursery were able to come to the Pre-school to enjoy some of the different activities in each room. They were especially excited to go on a treasure hunt in South America, learning about the different animals that live in the Amazon rainforest, Andes Mountains, and Atacama Desert.

They also helped decorate the Nursery, transforming the rooms into Oceania, Africa, and Asia using arts and crafts, decorations, and toys to represent famous monuments, animals and plants from each continent.

The Bumble Bees explored Europe. They enjoyed playing with different European animals and building castles out of blocks. They also made pictures to put on the English Garden Lennon Wall, just like in Prague.

On International Day the Pre-school looked lovely, with the children’s artwork hanging alongside cultural items like clothing, textiles, books, and food. Recognising each child’s home country and cultural background, and inviting our students and staff to share their cultural traditions helps to create an inclusive and international environment at the English Garden Pre-school and Nursery. The children love being experts on their home countries and sharing information with their classmates, and they also love being able to learn about other cultures.