Summer School

This year’s English Garden Summer Programme runs from 24th June to 16th August. It offers children aged from 0 to 10 years of age the chance to learn, develop and explore through different weekly themes. Each week the children will focus on a new topic which will encourage them to develop new interests and inspire their creativity through art and crafts, drama and language development. Activities are planned according to age and ability, enabling all children to learn in a playful way. For children age 5 and above there is the opportunity to attend Intensive English lessons, for more details please see the next page.

The cost per week is 52.000 HUF/165 Euros which includes all activities, along with a weekly trip and swimming option for older children. All meals, snacks and drinks are included in the price. There are daily programmes from Monday to Friday, starting at 7.30am until 5.30pm. For those who wish, Baby Daycare and Nursery School children can attend a half day programme, from 7.30am until after lunch at 12.30pm at a cost of 40.000 HUF/130 Euros per week. A minibus service operates throughout the Summer School the normal price is 13.000 HUF/40 Euros per week, subject to location and availability.

A 5% discount is offered on all payments made by our Open Day on Saturday 4th May.

The Summer Programme is divided into five age groups:

Summer Baby Daycare (0-2 years)

The Summer Baby Daycare accommodates babies and toddlers by providing playful, happy and fun activities to engage each child whilst seeing to their everyday needs in a safe and loving environment. Our dedicated, professional staff will work with children in a small group, with a high adult to baby ratio to insure individual learning, care and development.

Summer Nursery School (2-3 years)

The Summer Nursery School Programme provides a stimulating and challenging range of activities to entertain and educate even the youngest of participants. The Summer Nursery Programme is ideal for very young learners, and engages children through interactive activities that have been specially designed to appeal to children’s unique and individual learning styles.

Summer School Sparrows (Age 4)

The Summer School Sparrows group will spend most of their time at the English Garden enjoying art and craft activities, learning songs and rhymes, taking part in role play sessions, cooking projects, developing their language skills and, of course, having lots of fun and playing lots of games. They will work on both individual and small group projects allowing for plenty of supported learning opportunities.

Summer School Cuckoos (Age 5 – 6), Parrots (Age 6- 7) and Owls (7-10)

The Cuckoos, Parrots and Owls groups run in parallel to each other. Every week’s theme will incorporate activities to stretch their imagination and inspire their creativity alongside exercises to improve essential language, mathematical, and motor skills. The highly interactive lessons will concentrate on variety of creative pursuits. At the end of each week the children will take home a finished project which will be both a souvenir and a reminder of what they have learned throughout the week. With each exciting theme the children will encounter a range of new experiences designed to focus their attention whilst building on their previous knowledge and skills. All Cuckoos, Parrots and Owls can take part in the weekly trip and the weekly swimming option.

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