12 January 2018

The first two week back from the winter holidays was full of fun and excitement. The English Garden welcomed new and returning students from last Wednesday. The children enjoyed wonderful arts and crafts activities, outdoor play in the unusually mild winter weather, and of course lots of high quality learning experiences and interesting experiments.

The Year 2 class made snowflakes to bring some winter atmosphere to their class setting. Cutting paper provides proprioceptive input to the hands. However this snowflake craft not only provided an opportunity to practice fine motor skills, but also math concepts. The Beetles students were challenged to predict and draw what a snowflake will look like when the given pattern is cut out. After they cut out their snowflake pattern they checked their prediction. It trained the children to think about and visualize the Snowflake Symmetry.

The Year 1 students in the Crickets Class also created snowflakes. For their craft they used sticks. When the children made their snowflakes they also incorporated some math learning. The children could work on counting, patterning, constructing and deconstructing numbers with this fun winter themed activity.

The Grasshoppers class joined the snowflake art with enthusiastic colouring. In the end every snowflake turned to be very special and unique!

The Reception Class made paper self-portraits as catching snowflake on their tongues. The children chose from patterned scrapbook paper to create their scarves and chose the right color for their hair. The most joyful part was for the children when they curled their paper hair.

As well as indoor learning the Dragonflies enjoyed a lot their free time in the garden. They really made the most of the not too cold weather, as between their lessons they climbed, played tags, ran and swang a lot with friends.

The Butterflies children love Garden Time a lot, too. Whenever it is time to get dress for outdoor play, they all try their best to get ready all by themselves. As in winter we wear more layers and thick material clothes, it might be challenging to put on the outside clothes. But not for the Butterflies who are mastering independent dressing!

The children in the Ladybirds class are longing for snow so much. They already designed a snowman out of cotton wool and cannot wait to build a real one in the garden. Hopefully snow is on its way!

The Buttercups children learnt a lot about ice through their hands on activities. To make ice inside the class, first the children helped to fill a bag with water and then the teachers put it in the freezer for the night. Next day many of them came excited to school to see what happened to the water in the bag during night. They enjoyed a lot to touch the ice which was freezing cold of course.

The children in the Snowdrops class also learnt about ice and explored the topic through different stories and picture books. Each book helped the children to understand more about snow, ice and cold weather. They liked looking at the pictures and share their knowledge about winter.

In the Poppies group the children discovered how heat makes ice melt. They loved using the hair dryer to turn ice into water!

The Bluebells got creative with their feet; making snow land on a winter tree by carefully moving their little feet around.

The Daisies have enjoyed this mild winter weather with long pushchair walks exploring the local neighborhood.