22 September 2017

The English Garden celebrated our annual Welcome Party this Friday. This is an opportunity for English Garden families to meet with the teachers and learn more about their child’s daily activities. The children prepared for the party throughout the week, making colourful life-sized self-portraits to decorate the garden and cooking delicious treats for the afternoon snack. During this event each child is encouraged to share their experiences with their family. Every child made a colourful body portrait which decorated the garden walls.

The Daisies have had lots of opportunities to improve gross and fine motor skills through exploratory play. Even the youngest member loves to move around and discover new things!

Bluebells worked on their fine motor control by making some wonderful pictures through exploring paint and controlled actions to make striking patterns.

Poppies used different materials such as color paper, felt, glue, goggle eyes, yarn for creating their unique face portraits. Each child looked in the mirror to see their hair, eye and skin colur. The children were encouraged to show their body parts and enjoyed realizing the different looks on the faces.

Meanwhile in the Snowdrops the children explored their senses by lots of sensory play. The activities gave them opportunity to understand the power of the senses. They were exposed to a variety of visual experiences, tastes, smells, sounds and touches all week long.

The children in the Buttercups group enjoyed one of their regular play dough sessions. Play dough helps develop their fine motor skills which hopefully in turn helps the children to learn to master more controlled skills such as a good pencil grip.

The Ladybirds have been singing familiar songs like “The Hokey Cokey” and “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes” to get them moving and help them learn about the parts of their bodies. They also loved creating an X-ray craft from their hands with special sticking techniques.

The Butteflies learned about their bodies through songs and stories. In the circle time, they listened to a colourful book called All About Me, featuring photographs of little children and introducing the names of the body parts. The children were encouraged to interact with the story, moving their bodies and identifying their body parts as the teacher read aloud.

The Dragonflies and Bumblebees have been focusing on Healthy eating and the Human Body. Both classes took part in lots of physical activities throughout the week.

The Dragonflies enjoyed an autumn walkabout in the neighborhood and were not bothered by the rainy weather!

Bumble Bee made sure they got their hearts beating faster in the Physical Education class.

In the Grasshoppers class they have started their monthly topic Me and the World. They were looking at the Globe finding all the countries and cities they are from and discussed about different cultures and habits from all over the world.

Whilst in the Crickets they have been busy practicing their data and measure skills. Learning to draw straight lines, measure lengths and make different 2D shapes with sticks.

The oldest class, the Beetles, having been examining similarities and differences between one another and sharing important facts about themselves. Working in groups and discussing information from their daily life has encouraged new friendships and interests.