14 April 2017

Spring has arrived, and at the English Garden Pre-school and Nursery the children’s artwork brought spring cheer to every room. The children learned about different spring holidays and traditions from around the world, and prepared for the Easter Egg Hunt on Friday. The celebration was a wonderful way to wrap up the term and look forward to the promise of warmer weather and blooming flowers after the spring break.

The Butterflies made colourful baskets to collect their eggs during the Easter Egg Hunt. The children painted paper plates with wide, thick brushes, applying the paint independently. The children in the Butterflies group love to develop their motor skills through arts and crafts activities. These activities give them plenty of opportunities to handle different tools and learn to use them effectively. This fun craft extended the children’s concentration and supported essential skills for recognizing and decoding the symbols used in maths and reading.

This week the Dragonflies loved exploring outdoors during a walking trip on Kopaszi gát. The children were encouraged to observe the different flowers and trees growing on the jetty. They were able to play in the large playground, climbing into the pirate ship and exploring the challenging outdoor equipment.

In the Baby Daycare the babies and enjoyed playing outdoors and climbing on the large play equipment. They especially liked using shovels, buckets, and sieves to manipulate sand during messy play. They mixed in some water to make mud, and delighted in the squishy texture. The children explored making forms out of the sand with adult support, and learned how to use the buckets and moulds to make different shapes. Sand play is a wonderful way to combine sensory and fine motor activities with mathematical learning, as children explore texture, shape, space, and measure through independent exploration and guided play.

The Bumble Bees class made Easter bonnets with lots of fun decorations. The children loved cutting out colourful construction paper to make eggs and flowers. The children developed their fine motor skills through cutting and assembling the bonnets independently. The children enjoyed wearing their bonnets even after the Egg Hunt was finished.

The Nursery groups benefitted from playing alongside the older children from the Pre-school during the Easter Egg Hunt. The older children helped the toddlers find hidden eggs and guided them through the festivities. Seeing the older and younger children interact and co-operate is always a wonderful benefit from holding events for the entire English Garden.

This week the Bluebells loved going for short walks around the neighbourhood together.

The Buttercups developed their fine motor skills during a fun water painting activity in the Pre-school garden.

The Snowdrops explored the sandpit, developing their motor skills and enjoying the sensory play experience.

The Grasshoppers have been enjoying imaginary play in the garden during outdoor playtime. The children have used the garden chairs, blankets, and other materials to make club houses, caves, trains, and other props for their play. The games include large groups of children and are strengthening the friendships in the class, providing a great opportunity for the Year 1 children to develop their language skills and work together to problem solve.

As part of their science unit on the life cycle of plants the Beetles class planted some flowers and put them outside to brighten the building. The Year 2 class liked working to make the English Garden a more beautiful place and were proud of their work when they saw the plants in the window boxes outside.