17 February 2017

The children had a fantastic time at the Valentine Charity Disco. This annual event is a special after school party with lots of exciting activities for all ages. The ticket sales go to support a charity chosen by the Grasshoppers and Beetles classes, and the event encourages the children to think about the many ways we can help people in our communities. This year the proceeds went to support the Cerny Peter Ambulance Foundation, a neo-natal and pediatric ambulance service.

The Valentine party was also a great opportunity to think about the ways we can express our feeling and show others that we love and value them. The older children made Valentine cards and each group at English Garden decorated the classrooms with hearts of all shapes and sizes. The Valentine Charity Disco was a wonderful way to finish the half-term and the children left for the holiday in high spirits.

The Grasshoppers are always eager to be good classroom helpers, and the Year 1 class takes these responsibilities seriously. The children have a new classroom role: librarian. Two lucky students help the others select library books during quiet reading time and make sure the bookshelf is tidy. This new role encourages the whole class to treat books with care and has improved behaviour during reading time.

The Butterflies group made lovely hears to decorate their classroom. The children loved cutting and sticking their fun art and craft creations. Seeing their work displayed in the classroom gave the children a sense of accomplishment and showed them that their work is valued.

In the Beetles class the Year 2 students have been learning how to write friendly letters. They wrote each other Valentine’s cards and put them into a big post box to be shared on the 14th. The students also discussed charitable giving and selected the charity for the Valentine’s Disco.

In the Nursery the children loved making decorations and playing games designed to develop their emotional intelligence. The theme in the Nursery groups was Transportation and the children made lots of interesting crafts.

The Buttercups played games and learned songs during Circle Time. They enjoyed taking turns and dancing with partners. This activity helped them to build positive relationships and encouraged positive interaction and communication.

The Buluebells made boats to decorate the hallway outside the classrooms. The children drew on their boats and made marks with crayons, markers, and pencils. Drawing and mark making activities develop the children’s co/ordination and fine motor skills. Freely choosing different colours and decorating their paper independently helps the children view themselves as competent and creative artists.

The Snowdrops loved attending the Valentine Disco. The face painting and nail polish booths offered fun and style. The children were able to freely explore the different activities on offer and play alongside their friends and classmates.

The Dragonflies learned how to express emotions and resolve conflicts. This important skill is hard to learn, but using fingerprint faces to describe and identify emotions made it a lot easier to think about conflict resolution. The children in the Reception class were able to talk about positive and negative emotions and how different situations make them feel. They also worked on how to tell people to stop and back off in a tense interaction and brainstormed ways to solve different problems presented to them during a puppet show.

The Bumble Bees made lots of faces representing different emotions to decorate their class. The children in the Reception class loved making „emojis” and naming each emotion. They also played some dramatic games, developing their emotional intelligence, empathy and self-awareness. A favorutie game was the „Magic Mirror”, where each child imitated their partner’s facial expression.

The babies in the Baby Day Care enjoyed playing together and alongside each other. They are beginning to engage in parallel play and communicate ideas during play.

During the half-term break the English Garden will run a wrap-around week childcare service in the Nursery. This optional childcare programme is for children aged 20 weeks to seven years. The older children will enjoy daily trips and outings to parks, theatres, and museums. The younger group will follow an active and engaging routine at the Nursery.